23 Jul 2012 @ 11:16 AM 

Data loss is not something that only happens to other people!

I have lived through the loss of data a few time too many in my computer lifetime. Even before I began my epic journey into the world of PC Building and Repair, a lightning strike on my phone line killed the modem and hard drive on my 286 computer. I lost everything on that computer, but it started me in the direction of building and fixing computers, since the homeowner’s insurance wrote me a check for $400 so I could replace the 40MB hard drive and 2400baud modem.

I took that $400 and purchased a 200MB hard drive and a 14400 modem, and I still had money left over. So I decided to look at upgrading my hardware even further.

But while that was a good thing in my life, it did erase all of my data. I had to start over from scratch. Imagine if my business had been run from that computer.

Impact of Data Loss on Revenue Expected to Reach 1.6% by 2018, According to … – MarketWatch (press release)


Impact of Data Loss on Revenue Expected to Reach 1.6% by 2018, According to …MarketWatch (press release) The following outlines the impact of data loss on a $1 billion dollar company (2012 USD), which grows at 7.8% per year. — In 2012 a $1 billion …

If you are worried about catastrophic data loss, you should, it can be expensive to get your data back as this Time Business Article relates.

Don’t Let Data Loss Derail Your Business – TIME


Don’t Let Data Loss Derail Your Business – TIME. Another option, especially if the amount of data lost is small, is recovering data yourself using a specialized software utility that combs the file system to piece lost data fragments back into viable file …

Prevention, though, is still the best possible means to keep those business files (and even your personal ones) secure. If you are running a business, you know your data is valuable. If you keep your personal photos and videos on your hard drive, the value of those is immeasurable! Your whole lifetime is on those files, and if your lose the only copy you have… I can’t even say it.

I use an online backup service that checks my hard drive for new files every night, and then safely uploads them to a secure bank of hard drives somewhere far away from here, so in the event of a tornado or hurricane sending my computer out to sea, my data is still in Kansas (or wherever the servers are stashed away).

For as little as $6 a month, you can protect the files on your computer, and for a little bit more, you can protect the files on all of your computers. In addition, you get 1 GB of online “sync” space where you can share files with friends, with multiple computers, etc.

468x60 3.0 Earn $500 A Day, The Easy Way!

One of my friends showed me a way that YOU can earn money from recommending this very product… I earn a commission if you buy MyPCBackup from my link:


But the very cool part of the story is that you can do the same thing. Watch the video on this page and see what I mean:


I mean, you NEED to back up your data, anyway, right? Why not take advantage of this deal, and also get an income stream from it as well?

Without backing up your files, you are running the risk that a hardware malfunction, a virus or a non computer related catastrophe could turn your computer into a paperweight. An ineffective paperweight at that, since it takes up too much room on your desk. How long would it take you to recover all of the data from your business or your personal life?

With MyPCBackup, you could have it all back in a couple days!

And with our EZ Cash Generation system, you could actually be earning enough to upgrade that computer to a much faster one…


To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – We are compensated for any purchases you make using our links. We appreciate it and return the favor by giving you information about current trends in the marketplace on our various blogs. It is all part of the circle of life…

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     30 Aug 2011 @ 1:55 PM 

    With World Blog Day coming up tomorrow, Aug 31, I am
    doing a special edition of Blogging With Micheal today at
    11AM (Eastern)with my guests from The Blogstress
    . We will be discussing blog security
    and blog content, plus, I will do one of my segments on
    "Broadcasting For Fun And Profit!"

    If you have any questions you would like answered, please
    reply to this post (and not with your affiliate link for the
    latest make money online product) and I will try and read
    them all on the air.

    Yesterday I sent you a link to a WordPress Guide for
    making your blog Hacker Proof. The price is going up
    as more people are buying this, since the cost of having
    your blog hacked is much more expensive than this
    step by step preventative guide!

    Check it out while the price is at rock bottom!


    His videos are easy to understand. The step by step guide is
    very complete, and does not assume you are a geek.

    The best part… he makes it affordable for even the smallest
    business to have a secure blog. How much would it cost you
    if someone corrupted your blog?

    With the number of people selling from their blogs, it is crucial
    that those blogs be operational and useful to the readers, as soon
    as a hacker takes over one of these blogs, the chances of any
    income continuing to flow from that blog are very slim.

    That is why you should have your blog backed up, and locked
    down, so if (more likely when) a hacker targets your blog, they
    will give up when they see how you have hardened it against them.

    Especially if you follow this blueprint:


    To your safe and secure blog!

    Micheal & Yvonne


    PS – Ever wanted to turn a static HTML site into a WordPress
    Blog? This plugin will help you do just that!


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       18 Jul 2010 @ 11:50 PM 

      So I was waiting for my new DSL modem to come…

      I was sick of Dimhouse… their stupidity was unmatched over the last few months, and I really had my fill when they turned off our service because we returned an extra cable modem that the technician had told us to return when we were moved into our new place.

      So I signed up for Century Link…

      I was hoping I had not made a mistake, but then, how could anyone top Dimhouse?

      When I received the package from Walmart… I quickly set up the modem, but I didn’t have a username and password that the modem tells me I absolutely need. So I call Century Link. I ask them for the information that my modem is certain that I need.

      I am directed to the support team. I am happy, they will tell me what I need to know.

      The very first thing they ask me is if I had gotten the modem from them. I answer that I had not.  “Well, I am sorry, but we do not provide support (basically this sounds like FU to me) for any modems but our own.

      “But, all I need to know is what the username and password for my account is, so that my modem can connect to the network!”

      “Sorry, sir, we do not provide any technical support for any modems but those that you lease from Century Link.” She is very determined to not tell me anything.

      “Look, you are not providing support to the modem, you are providing support to one of your valued customers… All I need is to know what this username and password is to access the network.” I am not to be denied, my feet are firmly planted in the kitchen, fighting stance… except for the fact that my cell phone is up to my ear and I am looking at my laptop on the kitchen counter – the only place I could place the DSL modem, since that was where the phone outlet was located.

      “First of all,” she started in on me. “If you were using one of our modems, you would not need a user name and password, since they operate via DHCP. Which means you do not have the right kind of modem.

      “Second of all,” she chimed in, almost full of glee that she had gotten me good this time, but with a belligerent voice that told me that if I kept this up, she was going to come over to my house and beat me to a pulp. “If you connect our modem to a router that is not one of ours, we won’t help you with that either!”

      I was fit to be tied… I could feel the flames shooting out of my ears… steam coming out of my nostrils. Good thing I had just trimmed my hair that weekend. Choking back a load of venom that would have left her in tears, I calmly said, “Well, if this is the kind of technical support I can expect from this company, you can keep your DSL AND your modems. Put me back on to customer service!”

      Armed with the little piece of knowledge that the support person had unwittingly given me in her attempt to not help me, I was going through the settings on my modem and looking for something that had something remotely to do with DHCP and was not finding anything like that. I did see something in the settings that was not PPPoE or PPPoA, so I selected it, and when I restarted the modem, I was connected to the internet.

      Lesson to be learned #1

      Listen to everything that people tell you. Sometimes they will let something slip. The DHCP thing was exactly what I needed. I was able to get connected.

      But the story doesn’t end there.

      The speed I had purchased for my DSL was supposed to be 10 MBs (megabits per second…) but when I ran a speed test, I was only at 2.9 MBs… one third of what I was paying for. Hmmm. That is when the customer service person came back on. By then I had my offended voice, and I told her everything that had transpired. She agreed that I had been treated rudely, but that Century Link did not support any other equipment but their own. Then she offered to send me the modem and told me the lease fee would be offset by a $5 credit each month. So I told her to go ahead and send me the modem…

      Lesson to be learned #2

      Listen to your clients, and do something to help them, even if you can’t help them.

      This customer service lady knew the difference between a customer and a former customer, and she did what she could to keep me as a present customer. I am still limping along at a slower speed, but you can bet that the second I get the modem from them, I am going to run speed tests and then I am going to be on the phone with that technical support person and I am going to get my speed back up to 10 MBs! Count on it!

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      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
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       22 Apr 2010 @ 9:45 AM 

      It’s been 10 days since I announced that you can now get free access to Mike Filsaime’s most coveted
      piece of software… and with Open Source Code and Private Label Rights too!

      If you haven’t been one of the 60,000+ people to secure their download, go here now to get it:

      => http://bfmsourcecode.com

      All you have to do is tell Mike the best place to email it to you and it’s yours at no cost.

      Hopefully by now, you understand the value in what you’re getting from Mike, but if you’re still not sure what the big deal is or why he’s even doing this to begin with…

      …you should watch this quick 2 minute video:

      => http://bfmsourcecode.com

      Listen, I’d love to write you about this everyday until you finally decided to just download it (especially since there is no catch), but there are hundreds of thousands of people who are also reading this and I’m pretty sure they want me to tell them about something else by now.

      So this is the last time you’ll hear about this from me and Mike may decide to pull the page down without warning which means you really should download this now while all it’s going to cost you is nothing 🙂

      Here’s where to register for it:


      Make sure you look out for the invite you’ll receive from Mike to become a charter member of the Private Developers Forum.

      That is where all the serious marketers are going to get the most out of the butterfly script as well as to land some big money JV deals. Plus, you get some really sweet bonuses just for checking out the community.

      But it’s optional and you can’t even be a part of this unless you register for your free Open Source Code and PLR rights:


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       13 Apr 2009 @ 3:18 PM 

      This was supposed to be a day when Ryan Deiss told the world that the last 27 copies of Continuity Blueprint would be just that.  The very last copies that he was going to have produced.

      But a certain Mikeyy Mooney is stirring up all kinds of controversy in the Twitterdom! His creation, the Stalk Daily worm was supposedly released to the world on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning, with a second strain shortly thereafter, so that when Twitter announced that it had contained the worm, the second wave hit the tweeple who were already claiming victory.

      Later on Sunday evening, the Twitter crew announced that the vulnerabilities in Twitter profiles that had allowed the worm to attach itself to the visitors and immediately start tweeting had been secured. But apparently, that is not totally the case, as this morning another wave of Mikeyy infestations came from external websites.

      Authorities are warning people to make sure their antivirus software is up to date, and that their Javascript is disabled in their browsers. Personally, I think there may be more than meets the eye, and I would not be surprised to hear that someone is gather personal information from all these twitter accounts.

      In any case, you should be careful going to anyone’s twitter profile.  Use a twitter client, and avoid clicking on links that look suspiciously shortened.

      And if you want to increase your earnings through continuity programs, see Ryan Deiss!

      Micheal Savoie

      PS – Try Affiliate Elite: http://TryAffiliateElite.com

      Posted By: Micheal Savoie
      Last Edit: 13 Apr 2009 @ 03:18 PM

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