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Crashing And Burning Won’t Happen To Me

Data loss is not something that only happens to other people! I have lived through the loss of data a few time too many in my computer lifetime. Even before I began my epic journey into the world of PC Building and Repair, a lightning strike on my phone line killed the modem and hard […]

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World Blog Day

With World Blog Day coming up tomorrow, Aug 31, I am doing a special edition of Blogging With Micheal today at 11AM (Eastern)with my guests from The Blogstress Network. We will be discussing blog security and blog content, plus, I will do one of my segments on "Broadcasting For Fun And Profit!" If you have […]

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Living In A Dimhouse: No More (Know More)

So I was waiting for my new DSL modem to come… I was sick of Dimhouse… their stupidity was unmatched over the last few months, and I really had my fill when they turned off our service because we returned an extra cable modem that the technician had told us to return when we were […]

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Butterfly Source Code Closing Down

It’s been 10 days since I announced that you can now get free access to Mike Filsaime’s most coveted piece of software… and with Open Source Code and Private Label Rights too! If you haven’t been one of the 60,000+ people to secure their download, go here now to get it: => All you […]

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Mikeyy Eclipses Ryan Deiss Announcement!

This was supposed to be a day when Ryan Deiss told the world that the last 27 copies of Continuity Blueprint would be just that.  The very last copies that he was going to have produced. But a certain Mikeyy Mooney is stirring up all kinds of controversy in the Twitterdom! His creation, the Stalk […]

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