15 Dec 2012 @ 11:10 AM 

Warriors! Do you dream of hitting it big someday?

When you wake up in the morning do you curse the daylight, or do you start the day with your visions in front of you? Sometimes, when things get tough, we start to wonder what the hell we are doing. Why are we putting ourselves through this?

We work 20 hours so we can make money in our sleep… but is that really why we do it?

I retired from my job in 2008.

My first year in retirement, I struggled. I had no regular income – everything I earned went to the bills, I had built a list over the last few years, but in my desperation to keep money flowing in, I burned out my list. Boy did I burn them out.

Money that used to come in monthly from affiliate commissions slowed to a trickle. I had violated one of the first rules of list building. I hadn’t kept on building the list, and I was promoting up to 4 times a day. So as attrition continued, I began to worry about how the bills were going to get paid.

A friend of mine told me about a program that was in prelaunch in the summer of 2009, and since I liked what the product was (hosting and autoresponder service), I promoted it with all I had. In 6 months, I had built that into a $1500 a month business. Now the bills were getting covered, and the checks were coming in on a regular basis. So I began to take time off. A lot of time off.

I would spend an hour or two posting some products, and once a week (if that much), I would send an email to my list. Somewhere in all of this, I had a thought in my head that I needed to add an income stream. But I was not looking all that hard for it. Some opportunities came around, but I was not excited by them, so I did not do them justice and I did not get the results for them, either.

It was odd to see myself (as I look back on myself now) going into another decline. I reached a point where I was not promoting anything to my list for months at a time. Maybe I was just believing what others were saying about the economy. I was also helping other marketers with their projects (for no pay), and not spending any time developing anything of my own.

It wasn’t until this summer that I realized I was not in as good a position as I had been just two years ago. I had restarted mailing my list 5 times a week. I was posting WSO’s on WSOInsiders.com and on the Facebook Fan Page, and getting some results. But I was in a position similar to 2009. I had income from the Hosting For Profit commissions still coming in, but I had increased my spending: a larger house, satellite TV, High Speed Internet. Suddenly it looked like I would have to find another source of income.

The same friend who brought the Hosting For Profit system to my attention contacted me about a way to save money on my cellular bill. I was paying $90 a month for 700 minutes and unlimited text and data… he showed me a company that allowed me unlimited calling, text and data for $49 a month. I immediately switched, and because this company has an affiliate program that gives you a piece of the action, I was able to turn that around to the point where I had turned my cell phone bill into an income stream! http://49dc.co is the site you should check out to get more information on how you could do the same thing.

And now, I am putting myself into building this income stream for all it is worth. The thing that I really love about the company is that they are not pushing the dream of creating thousands of millionaires… but rather, they want to create millions of thousandaires!

If you could use an extra thousand dollars a month, then I can help you. It requires a small commitment (very small if you act before the end of December…) and a willingness to share with your social circle. While supplies last, you can get a ZTE Origin phone Free (after rebate) and one month of free service.

This is the best time to get started! You get a cool 3G smartphone, and you have a chance to start earning bonuses and a residual income for simply telling others how to save money on something that we all use.

Head over to http://49dc.co to see how our team can help you create an income that you can use to take the pressure off your checkbook each month!

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     19 Sep 2012 @ 12:19 PM 

    This Source Gets 60 MILLION U.S Visitors Per Month And Is Highly Underestimated By Many…
    It’s Called….Yahoo Answers!

    I hear you thinking…I know this source already and let me interrupt you right now…..NO YOU DONT!
    Most people totally go about marketing on YA the wrong way and FAIL to make money horribly.
    Making money on YA is VERY simple if you KNOW what you are doing…..if you have no clue what you are doing you will simply waste your time and get banned.
    And in my step by step guide, along with 9 VIDEOS I will show you how to go about it the RIGHT way from the ground up…nothing left out..NOTHING!
    To Put it simple….Yahoo Answers Is Probably The Biggest Source Of FREE Targeted Buyer Traffic On The Net…And It’s Wide OPEN!

    Questions To Cash!!
    The Complete Course On How To Make Money On Yahoo Answers FAST..No WEEKS of waiting



    In this Full 9 video + 54 page Ebook I will show you the following

    • What certain niches work the best if you want to earn FAST cash
    Believe it or not but certain niches just WONT convert on YA, I give you all the niches that work the best for me to earn $200 a day.

    • How to get sales as soon as today
    Want Cash? Do as I say and you will find out how to make sales the same day you implement this method!
    • How to target the RIGHT people who want to purchase INSTANLY
    You will thank me for showing you this..it’s like taking candy from a baby!

    • How to NOT get banned
    Let me show you how to not get ALL of your accounts banned…

    • How you should answer questions to get the best results
    There also is a certain way to answer the millions of questions in our niches…and I will show you how! Even if you have NO CLUE what you are talking about…You DON’T have to be an expert AT ALL!


    Grab it now, before the price goes up!


    Purchase through the links above and receive TWO Bonus Ebooks!



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       09 Feb 2012 @ 12:29 PM 

      I have been a Paypal user for as long as they have existed, and even a little before since they bought out x.com which was where I was banking prior to the acquisition. I feel they are delivering a massive service to the economy by making it possible for people to buy and sell (and send money to friends and relatives) without having to be there in person. The latest news, however, shows that if you are an “Internet Marketer,” you may be targeted by the payment processor.

      Internet Marketing has gone from marketing online to a subculture of online marketing that exists solely to prey on those who are looking for the quick fix, the magic button, the rapid cash infusion and the get rich quick scheme. At least, that is what the executives at Paypal (a division of eBay – which wants to keep itself isolated from the digital goods niche as much as possible) think of the words Internet Marketing.

      I recently listened to a recording of a telephone conversation between Anthony Aires and Tony, a Paypal representative, as they discussed why Anthony’s paypal accounts were closed and Anthony banned from Paypal for life. In Paypal’s own words, the activity that Anthony’s company was doing was too risky for their own comfort. They likened the Warrior Forum and the Warrior Special Offers as a Ponzi Scheme, where the people buying the products were using money that they had made from the sale of other products that they had created after buying another product. So basically, they felt that the information being sold was getting more and more diluted and resold and becoming a risky venture for Paypal to continue being a party to.

      If you recall a few years back, the Online Marketing world was rocked when eBay stopped allowing digital product sales on their auction site. Some of the reasons that they cited for halting digital sales was the fact that refunds were too high, there was no way to prove that the buyer had received the product and the same products were being purchased and resold on eBay. Now Paypal is following that up with a very similar attack on the digital information resellers on the Warrior Forum.

      If you are an affiliate of WSO products, be prepared for the inevitable. If you are a WSO product creator, be prepared to be targeted first. Start looking for other payment processors and set yourself up to not be affected if(when) Paypal decides to review your business.

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         26 Jan 2012 @ 11:31 AM 


        WSO Pro Affiliate Plugin For WordPress



        If you are a WarriorPlus Silver member and promoting WSO offers as an affiliate this is a game changer…

        Game Changer for WSO Insiders like you!

        This new WordPress Plugin allows you to automatically email every buyer that purchases from your WSOPRO Affiliate link AND distrbute bonuses to those people.

        Even more..it automatically verifies that they paid and locks out refunders!

        WHAT? No Big deal? If that’s what you think then you’re missing the BIG PICTURE.
        Do you know how those WSO Owners make all of their real money?

        Back End Sales – One Time Only Offers… that’s right…and sometimes they offer commissions on those…and sometimes they don’t.
        But bottom line, using this little WordPress Plugin you can now get a bigger piece of the pie.
        Here’s why…

        Using this little WordPress plugin you can now immediately contact every single buyer that purchases from your affiliate link, automatically.

        This little plugin automatically sends out a notification letting the buyer know that you have a special offer, a bonus, a free download or whatever else you want to offer and all they need to do is just claim it…

        Once the buyer visits your wordpress blog they enter the Paypal Transaction ID already provided in their email that this little automation engines sends out and BOOM…they’re verified for access.

        Are you seeing the potential? I hope so…and check this out…

        Remember those OTO‘s (One Time Offers) where WSO owners make their money? Well now you can offer your own to those buyers… you can even offer your own products, promote other WSO‘s..the sky is the limit.

        The best part? IT’S ALL AUTOMATED!

        Check it out now!



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           22 Sep 2011 @ 10:58 AM 

          Clickbank Improves Partnering With New Joint Venture Feature!

          Imagine being able to find joint venture partners with a click of the mouse…

          ClickBank Launches Joint Venture to Facilitate Entrepreneurial Partnerships – MarketWatch (press release)

          ClickBank Launches Joint Venture to Facilitate Entrepreneurial Partnerships
          MarketWatch (press release)
          BROOMFIELD, Colo., Sep 20, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — ClickBank, the premier online marketplace for digital information products, is making it easier for its vendors and affiliates to profit from partnerships with Joint Venture, a new feature that
          ClickBank Rolls Out Joint Venture ProgramdBusinessNews Denver (press release)

          all 9 news articles »

          You should keep in mind that Clickbank has millions of product owners and marketers in one convenient location. It make partnering so much easier than trying to find people on your own.

          Should I Start a Strategic Alliance Or Joint Venture?

          You’re looking to gain that competitive edge over your competition. Many smart business leaders look to collaboration for expedient advantages. Might a mutually-beneficial relationship with another organization be in your future?

          Publish Date: 09/22/2011 3:33


          Finally, before you attempt to start finding strategic alliances or joint venture partners, you should see if you possess this skill:

          Unknown Marketers Uses Uncommon Skill To Create 50 Partnerships In 31 Days!

          Yes it’s a bit of a stretch to assume you do not have this skill.

          However, my experience has been that this single skill is what separates the IM Elite from the rest of the 98%.

          A good friend of mine that has exploded onto the scene and into the Inner Circle of our world is basically giving his system away.

          Why should you care?

          Because within 31 days he went from a total unknown newbie to friends with many of the mentors, coaches, and Guru’s you and I respect.
          I’m speaking of Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Tim Castleman, Willie Crawford, Leanne King, and over 50 others.

          You’ve got to check this out.

          I promise it’s the best decision you’ll make today.

          Have an amazing day!

          Micheal & Yvonne

          PS – Just the mind map alone is worth 10 times the price I paid for this!


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