Easy Sales Formula Bonus Announced

The announcement that you have been waiting for.
Bonuses for buying someone’s product is a great way to get people to change their mind about whom to buy a product from. With Keith Wellman’s Easy Sales Formula, you are going to be bombarded with bonus offers. Mine took a lot of thought.

First I wanted to make a bonus that would be difficult to get on your own. It would take you as long to put it together as it took me. That is why I am offering Private Label Rights to my Easy Selling Success Video Workshop that reveals all of the portions of a sales letter (or video) in easy to watch videos. This is something that can be placed on DVD and sold as a home study course or online as a membership site. The Private Label Rights to Easy Selling Success Workshop is going to sell for $997, because video is a time consuming medium, but a very powerful one, as Keith points out in his training courses.

So Bonus #1 is Easy Selling Success Workshop Private Label Rights. It will be available on August 1, 2009 for you to download. I can also ship the DVD’s to you so you have a hard copy. This bonus is a very valuable bonus, and if you create a Sales Video For It, you can sell it from your own domain.

You also have a choice of Bonus #2, which is having me create your own video skin for any Clickbank product. I will be doing this as a service for $197 each, and if you purchase Easy Sales Formula from me, I will create your video skin video for the product that you choose, including the redirect to the sales button and the iframe that sets YOUR cookie on the sales page. If you want a button to appear after the video ends, I can make that happen for you, too. It is yours just for buying Easy Sales Formula through my link on June 30, 2009 after 12:00 noon Eastern Time!

Some Words Of Warning
Only 50 people will ever get access to Easy Selling Success Workshop Private Label Rights. So if 49 people buy Easy Sales Formula from me and choose Bonus #1, then when I launch it myself, I will only sell one copy. So there is a limit of 50 people that can get this bonus.

My time is limited on Bonus #2. Each video skin that I produce will take at least 4 hours to do the research, create the powerpoint, record the video and set it up on the web for you. So when you put your request for your bonus, it may take up to 2 weeks to get your video produced. I can take unlimited orders for these, but know that the more orders I get, the longer delivery will take, so I recommend that you make your purchase of the course on Tuesday, June 30th as close to noon as you possibly can using this link… then submit your support ticket to my help desk telling me which bonus you are getting (Bonus #1 or Bonus #2) so that you get your place in line. You can take your time giving me the website you want to have your video skin created for, but the first 20 people will get their videos done within 2 weeks from the submission of their website choice.

Want Your Own Video Skins?
I am setting up a site to create video skins for you. Since many people are not exactly action takers for whatever reason, I thought that people who buy Easy Sales Formula would want to hit the ground running while they are going through the product and filling their minds with everything you will need to be able to do this on your own. So for $197, I will create a video skin for you, too! Sure, you will be able to do them yourself, but you also want to get to the point where you are making money fast, right? Let me create your first 2 or 3 video skins while you are learning from Keith. I will have them setup and you can start driving traffic to them and earning money for you while you plan out your own sales videos for your own products!

Easy Selling Success Video Skin Project

Watch this video to see what I mean about the Easy Selling Success Video Skinning Service. By the way, if you purchase any of the packages from the Video Skinning Service before you buy Easy Sales Formula, I will Double Your Order When You Buy Easy Sales Formula Through My Link! Just open a support ticket to let me know what products you want me to create Video Skins for you after you make the purchase. Then, when you buy Easy Sales Formula, you will get to double your order, so open another support ticket and paste your receipt from the purchase, and your second set of video skins will be created after the refund period expires for Easy Sales Formula.

Get ready to make your purchase on June 30th, 2009 at noon Eastern! http://crosb.com/livekeith Get on the prenotification list right away!

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