20 Mar 2007 @ 2:52 PM 

Most people use the giveaway websites for building their lists. You know, those websites where a few hundred people donate a product so that the people who download their product will sign up for their ezine or newsletter. I upload a product each time, but I have a different plan. I want my product to help build my list for me.
My products are usually ebooks that I created with Dead Easy Wow! eBook Maker software. With Dead Easy, I can make ebooks very viral and very profitable, even when I give them away. You see, I place affiliate links to my favorite ebooks, membership websites, software and tools. My referral rates go up whenever someone has the time to read my ebook. And that is the rub.

People get too many downloads from the giveaway websites. So you are competing with all of the other products on the giveaway site for the attention of the downloader. And once the prospect has downloaded your product, you don’t know how long it will be before the prospect will open your ebook.

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So, I have now created my own software to add to the current giveaway The Super JV. The product is called Space Buttons. It’s purpose is to help you format Myspace comments for maximum link optimization. It allows you to place a picture with a link and an anchored text link in your comments and bulletins. It works with more than Myspace, I have been successfully using it on many friend networks. Here is a sample of what it can do:

Thanks for visiting my BLOG!

I just wanted to let you know about some free software you can download to help you make your comments look cool. Just answer some questions and click a button and you paste the results into the comment or bulletin field.

I am looking to get some testimonials for this software, so try it out and then let me know what you think of it.
Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie
Central Florida Hotel Reservation Center

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If you download and use this software, I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment letting me know if you like it, or what I could do to make it even better.
PS – If you want to create your own software like I did, I wrote a talking ebook that covers the how and why of software development. I am including the software creation program as a bonus for a limited time, and you can get resale rights to Niche Software Success if you get it before I remove the bonuses.
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  1. Hi glad to be here I’m on the journey of residual income discovery meaning to understand that once you spend some time interpreting and understanding a body of information, then you have knowledge. This takes time. While technology has greatly reduced the cost involved in assembling and storing data, and in transferring and storing information, technology has not done anything to make the process of creating knowledge any quicker or cheaper. Creating knowledge still takes brains, thought and time – especially today when there is so much more information available to wade through. People can become knowledge experts for a given subject, which, in an “information age,”means they really are just advanced, perpetual students for that given subject. We rely on these people to help us bypass the costly process of wading through large bodies of information ourselves. As a result, the credibility of knowledge experts is that much more important (and often hard to assess). On the one hand, we have to be able to trust them to give us honest, valid and reliable knowledge, and on the other, we lack the subject specific knowledge to know whether or not they are really as reliable and credible as we need them to be. It’s a catch-22: if we had the knowledge with which to judge them, we would not need them in the first place! So what’s the solution?

    Again thanks for your input to this blog
    Respect your leadership
    Phillip Skinner

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