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Where Did I Go? Wrong!

Punctuation makes 5 words different from a common phrase.

So does our influence on the people around us and how we are influenced by the people with whom we associate. I was on a mastermind call on my way home from work. I was telling everyone what I was struggling with. One of the comments was to not focus on the where, but the fact that I can take action and get past all of that! And that you can… because if I can do it with the load of baggage I chose to carry on my arthritic shoulders for the last 6 years, then you can take this and knock it out of the park!

It is truly a miracle. First of all that I can find people who love me so much that they are willing to put up with me, tell me what I am doing wrong, point me in the direction that I need to be going and encourage me all along the road as I am running, walking when I am winded and crawling at the roughest of times. My last blog post was an example of the winded post, and the post where I was unsure of what I was doing a few weeks back is a good example of a crawling period.

My wife is such a saint that she can live with a person who is in such transition as I have been over the last twelve months. She understands how fragile a person can become because she is a leader of a Celebrate Recovery group at our church, and when I am finally free, I intend on joining her there to take my steps to recovery from my own issues. But I exhibit such a variety of emotions at times that I can’t see how she can take it.

I am elated during successes, mine or my friends’! I can sink into a depression when things are tough… I can be inexplicably comedic at the wildest of times and it amazes me that I don’t scare her away!

But think about it. If I can take a chance at the Internet and make it work, then you should be able to go whizzing past me, too!

Your story is important to me. I want to be able to share with others how it is possible to overcome huge obstacles (mine are probably small compared to yours – hey don’t go there…) because of the dream. What is your dream?

Picture Yourself In A Boat On A River…

Remember, my dream is to have the biggest bonfire in Citrus County with my mobile home as the kindling. I will videotape the entire process, and allow the local fire company to use it for practice in keeping forest fires from happening. Immediately after that bonfire, once the embers have been completely doused and only the faint smell of the charred wood is still in the air, a construction crew will arrive and flatten all of the dangerous pines in the yard, and then begin building a home that will be able to house my wife and I, my three daughters (each with their own apartment so that they don’t have to move out when they are married) and an office where I can have meetings, workshops and seminars.

The garage will be large enough for my cars, my wife’s car and a car for each of my daughters and a workshop for me to mess around in when I want to feel constructive… What kind of car do you like? Lately on twitter, John Reese was discussing a GTX that he was thinking of buying. I think the fun is in the decision to get the car and then messing with the salespeople’s minds when you slap the cash down in front of them and say this is how much I want to pay for this car!

Who cares about slipping through some silly cracks once you are driving a car that you want to be driving, and being able to drive it when you feel like driving it…

Spinning Your Wheels?

You aren’t alone! I have spun my wheels for a long time before I had some friends throw a little sand down for me to get traction. Like Jimmy Morrison said, “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!” You have to have the vision to know where you are going and the steady hands to keep your vehicle facing the right direction.

There are patches of ice, curves and potholes along the way, I can attest to that. But the path that those before us, people like John Reese, Jim Daniels, Ken McArthur, Alan Bechtold and Declan Dunn, blazed in front of us! They started with shovels first and when they figured out how to get a bulldozer and they blazed a bigger trail, then they found that earth movers could do an even faster job and the next generation of marketers (like Frank Kern, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and Mike Filsaime) started using the earth movers and then they got the pavement laid out so that the path was now an information highway…

Now we have Eben Pagan, Gary Ambrose, Keith Wellman and Jeff Johnson turning it into an information superhighway for a whole new group like Ross Goldberg, Anik Singal, Dr. Mike Woo Ming, Lee and Robin Collins, and Erik Stafford who are showing us how to climb into a car instead of walking so we can zoom along that superhighway even faster. Then Rick Raddatz, Howie Schwartz, Jack Humphrey and Joe Clayton created the tools we need to make our work faster and simpler.

We have it easier than anyone has had it in the last ten years, because we have more tools and knowledge at our disposal than anyone has ever had in the history of the Internet! Our highway is already paved and roadsigns are at every crossroad! You want to get to Teleseminar Street? You need to turn here and see Bob The Teacher and his Teleseminar Formula and grab Instant Teleseminar from Rick Raddatz so you can host some of the most professional calls possible.

What many of us realize as we get started on this vast highway is that it is not a major undertaking to make money online, it is finding the motivation to keep going when the hot water heater falls out of the closet or your insurance gets canceled because you just booked a ticket to an event that you absolutely have to attend…

That is where your dream comes into the picture. It strides in like a cowboy walks into the saloon and everyone stops what they were doing… they can see it in his eyes that he isn’t going to take crap from anyone. Your dream will tread over the bodies of the obstacles it has defeated to clear a path for you back onto the superhighway, so you can drive like your tail is on fire!

I Dream Of Jeannie

You can’t blink and get your dream just like that. You need to search your soul. You need to know who you are and who you want to be.

Who you want to be?

Yep… you may not like to hear this, but you will change.

On your way to your dream, you will undergo some pressure, feel some heat and get sliced and diced. Those are exactly what a diamond goes through to become the valuable gem on the ring on someone’s finger. It was originally some carbon that made a decision to get from Point A to Point B…

Life throws many a challenge on us. As we live life, we settle into habits that cause us the least discomfort as we dodge branches that might have slapped us in the face just a year ago, but now we know that we have to duck when we get here, or we took a more friendly path instead of the one with the slapping branch. Soon we have a comfort zone that we live in.

Jeff Wellman once told me that his comfort zone was actually not very comfortable. But it was something he had been used to, because it hurt him the least out of all the other things he had done. Then his son turned his life upside down by helping him put together a 6 figure launch… It got mighty uncomfortable as he interviewed Heather Vale when she proceeded to answer every question he had written down in the first 5 minutes of what was supposed to be an hour long interview. He felt like he was under serious pressure and the heat was definitely on. He took a step, then another. He followed up on her answers, one at a time and he built up a rapport with Heather, until he was asking her questions that he never planned on asking and he was getting answers out of Heather that he did not even think he knew he wanted to get.

He took action under pressure. Funny thing is, the pressure eventually subsided. Simply because he kept on taking action.

Where Are You?

Are you at the bottom of the pile of crap? Are you swimming around in it? Have you made your way to the ladder and climbed your way out? We are all at different places in our struggle to live our dream. Your location is not important. The only important fact is that you are in motion. Before power steering was invented, turning the wheel on a parked car was difficult. You had to put the car in motion to be able to turn the vehicle. Now that we have power steering, it may be easier to turn the steering wheel, but you still get the same results if you aren’t moving as you got when you were straining without power steering. The motion is what matters, because you can’t turn a parked car!

Where’s Waldo? Who Cares!

Where are you? Don’t worry about answering that. Instead close your eyes. Open them back up, you can’t read this if you close your eyes, silly.

Imagine yourself not having a care in the world, your success has already happened. You have made it to the place you want to be. Describe that place. How does that make you feel?

Before you allow your mind to drift back to reality… remember the feeling you had when you saw your success all around you. Imagine that the feeling you are feeling can be framed like a photo. You place that photo on your wall. Now come back to where you are, but don’t take your eyes off of that photo on your wall. Can you see your surroundings if you are looking at your framed photo? Peripherally, maybe, but the bulk of your vision is that picture in the frame. As you work on your projects, keep that picture of the what you were feeling in your mind.

Notice how you feel like you already possess that goal, that victory?

Obstacles can no longer affect you because they can not make you feel like that picture on your wall makes you feel. You only have to glance up at that framed image in your mind to feel the victory surge back into your body and you can take action, regain focus and keep on working when you know you need some rest. Or maybe it is calling up that person you met at the seminar last month to see about cross promoting to each other’s lists. You can take action now because your obstacles are powerless over you!

So from now on, don’t worry about where you went, forget about worry in general, just enjoy the journey and your life will be much more enjoyable as you create your dream one step at a time.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – By taking action in a big way, you defeat inertia and you build yourself up. Find the people who are a natural fit with your beliefs and join them in a mastermind. With 5 or 6 people in various levels of success surrounding you, you can achieve much more than trying to use the shovel when a backhoe would make the job a little easier. A strong mastermind group is like having the backhoe, because you have the people to increase your levels of energy and attitude with the added benefit of having someone point out what works and what to avoid.

So let me help you find the right people to work with. Leave a comment, letting me know what you would want to accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about where the money came from to make it happen. Also, include who the top three people with whom you would like to mastermind. Finally, list what day of the week and time you are most likely able to get on a call for on hour.

PPS – Tuesday at 7:00PM Pam Ragland will tell us about shifting our thoughts from the negative to the positive in a way that gets you succeeding much faster than you believed possible! Sign up now for the thought shifting call so you can get a reminder.

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