When Your Support Systems Fail…

My wife just called me from her job to tell me she is not going to the Master’s Seminar with me this weekend, but that we need to go to counseling. At this point, I wonder if that is really necessary, since the support system that I rely on the most is in Chicago on that weekend.

Well, ok, my real support system is my faith in Jesus Christ. I know that through Him, I can overcome all things. Which is why I don’t fear going to Chicago without my wife. I love her and I wish she could join me to see what kind of people are involved in this business – but in her own words “I am not interested in your business!”

She reminds me of all of the people I used to encounter in Multilevel Marketing businesses when I would build the dream with them and they would tell me what motivated them (their dream), but when I would follow up with them, they would tell me, “We aren’t interested in that!”

At first I took it hard.

I would think to myself, what is it about me that makes these people not want to be a part of it? But it really is, what is it about them that makes them afraid to be a part of this? So I have to tell myself that my wife is afraid of my success. It has to be that she fears the change when I grow into the success I believe I will achieve!

But I will shrug it off.

I understand that my mundane support system has left me high and dry again, but my supernatural support system is able to overcome everything that gets thrown at it. After all, wasn’t it Jesus who rebuked the storm and stilled the waters? So I am placing my faith where it counts, and working my ass off in the meantime!

Which brings me to another instance where someone’s support system took a major hit…

Lisa Preston’s sister, Carol came home from work to find her home ravaged by fire! Luckily, nobody was hurt, but it left Carol with nowhere to live and the loss of everything they owned! Because Lisa Preston is an avid Internet Marketer, she knew what to do, and the result is a “real fire sale” that will give anyone wanting to start a business or anyone with a business that needs a boost that needed boost of products and tools to blast to the next level.

Click here for the Real Firesale

Lisa joined forces with other marketers and now she is in a position to help her sister rebuild her life from the ground up with your help! Just visit the real fire sale and see the massive collection of tools and products that are handed to you on a soot covered silver platter!

This is the Internet Marketing Family way of helping each other out in a time of need. I remember when everyone got together for me last December when my wife’s minivan needed a new engine and we raised enough money for half the repair bill in less than a week!

On a different note, I noticed a trend from the subscribers on my aweber list that I have to attribute the to large numbers of joint ventures I was part of over the last 6 months. I sent an email out about a free web tool website that I posted about on my blog and I got 8 clicks. My other autoresponder garnered more than 300% more clicks from the identical email and many more of them downloaded the software, too!

This is serving as a reminder that I have been overly promoting for the last 3 months… While I know that if I didn’t promote, I would not have made nearly the amount of commissions that I have this year, I also know that I need to change the direction that I am headed. Which is why I am looking at making some big changes to my marketing plan. My goal for the rest of this year is to develop a curriculum for training people to help offline businesses increase revenue using online marketing tactics! This will open up a huge new market for people around the globe, since I can’t help everyone do this… All I can do is train people to develop a business that will reach their local market. In so doing, I will attain my goals of helping hundreds of new Internet Marketers make a good living online without having to face the competition from the huge marketers who have taken over the IM niche!

So if you do not hear as much from me over the next two months, it is because I am training 3 – 6 students to work with clients in their local offline market as I develop a training program that I will roll out to the world! This is going to be big and I can see that I will have to use the speaking circuit to get the word out, but in the meantime, keep me posted on what you are up to!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – If you are interested in being one of my 3 – 6 students, leave me a comment or a help desk ticket.

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