Are You Tired?

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted.

Yvonne and I just moved less than a mile to a house that is much closer to my mom’s house and also to the grocery store and the Chinese restaurant. We are in walking distance of all three. Moving takes a lot out of you.

So if you wondered why I wasn’t emailing you, (yeah, like that would happen, right?) it was because we were doing a lot of stuff in our home.

This year, we were seriously thinking of getting our Thanksgiving Feast sent to us from either Omaha Steaks or Amazon. After all, as much preparation as we are doing to get the new house ready for company, who has the time to cook a big meal? So we started our shopping list right on Gourmet Mignon, that way we could stay home and get the house ready while the groceries come to us!

Give Gourmet Mignon a look and let your friends know about it when they ask you where you got such a great dinner!

Have an amazing weekend,

Micheal & Yvonne – & Online Video WORKSHOP 

PS – Gourmet Mignon is one of our affiliate sites, so if you purchase from there, we could earn a commission. We hope you won’t hold that against us!

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