Authors Need Promotional Materials

Writing a book is only half the battle unless you already have a string of successful books under your belt. You have to promote your book to let your potential audience know it is available.

It is possible that the book will start to sell on its own, especially if it is in a very hungry niche (one where people are yearning for more information on the topic). But why take chances on a slow start?

One of the ways you should be stacking the cards in your favor is by preparing some promotional materials to submit to Social Media, blogs and other websites. One of those is a Book Trailer – a short video that peaks the interest of prospective customers. These book trailers can then be uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to get the word out as far and wide as possible about your book!

Here is a podcast I did about Book Trailers:




Micheal –

PS – You really should check out the Easy Sketch Pro software… it looks like it will totally rock for making Book Trailers!

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