Power Teams That Win Together

The Tampa Bay Rays did something that people never thought they could pull off.

They were down 7 – 0 to the New York Yankees and went almost hitless into the 8th inning. Then with a flurry of activity managed to score 6 runs in the 8th inning and one in the ninth to tie the game. Then they managed to keep the Yankees scoreless through three more innings until they scored in the 12th to get into the playoffs. To say this game was a must win was an understatement.

But their manager was repeating the dream to them over and over again. He had built a power team of players who don’t have a record breaking salary… but they work well together to achieve the victories that they need!

Deb Spicer, the President and CEO of Quantum Level Success, is launching a new book today called Power Teams: The New SQUARE ROOT MODEL That Changes Everything! (Volume 1).

This book is designed to help you build and support teams through the victories and challenges that occur day to day. Discover how to make the biggest impact and drive your teams to success with Power Teams!

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